1.) New installation (trial & full version)

1.1. Microsoft Access (full version or runtime version)

The Fit File Repair Tool is a Microsoft Access application. You need Microsoft Access 2010/2016 or Access 365 on your PC to run the tool. 


If you don't have Microsoft Access installed on your PC you can download a (free) run time version from

Please download and install the file AccessRuntime.exe.

1.2.a Setup for Microsoft Access 2010/2016/365 full version
FFRTsetup 8-14-25.exe
Ausführbare Windows-Datei [6.9 MB]
1.2.b Setup for Microsoft Access runtime version
FFRTsetupForAccessRuntime 8-14-25.exe
Ausführbare Windows-Datei [6.9 MB]

You may receive a warning about a potential security risk after starting the MS Access Fit File Repair tool:

In this case, it is necessary to add the file directory where you have installed Fit File Repair Tool (Documents\FitFileRepairTool ?) to the list of trusted locations in MS Access. 

The following article from Microsoft describes how this works:



2.) Update

If you don't know your installation folder please start the Repair Tool and take a look at the bottom of the main form - there you will find an information about the licence holder and the installation folder.

Version 8.16.17 (release date: 2024-07-14)
Archivdatei im ZIP Format [19.4 MB]

3.) Manuals

User Manual of the Fit File Repair Tool (updated 2020-02-26)
Fit File Repair Tool Manual.pdf
PDF-Dokument [9.6 MB]
Deutschsprachiges Benutzerhandbuch (User Manual in German language)
Fit File Repair Tool Benutzerhandbuch.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.7 MB]
FFRT OptiSync.pdf
PDF-Dokument [4.8 MB]
New feature (January 2023): Batch File Rename
FFRT Batch File Rename.pdf
PDF-Dokument [600.8 KB]