Edit a swim file

Step 1


You import your swim data file into the Repair Tool.

Your file might be a pool swim activity or an open water swim activity.



Step 2 (pool swim)

  • Timestamp
  • Distance
  • Elapsed Time
  • Record Type (normal, rest)
  • Swim Style
  • number of Strokes
  • avg. Speed
  • avg. Cadence
  • Calories

of each length is displayed and can be edited.

You can also split a length or merge 2 records to one length.

In addition to these edit operations you can correct the pool length. Distances and speed values are recalculated after a change of the pool length automatically.




Step 2 (open water)


Your data is displayed as records with

  • Timestamp
  • GPS position
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Cadence

Most of these values can be edited manually.





Step 3


After your manual changes you can export the activity into a new file and import / upload this file with your Training Software.